Sábana Ajustable 400 Hilos PERCAL
    Cotton Vitae

    Adjustable Sheet 400 Threads Egyptian Cotton

    VAT included

    Made with the best Egyptian cotton percale fabric of 400 threads per square inch - double the density of standard percale bedding. Simply with a unique touch, this product is the perfect choice for a classy bed!

    Countertop sheet 400 Threads Egyptian cotton PERCAL, very breathable, so you can enjoy all the qualities of your mattress plus the comfort of an Egyptian cotton sheet 400 threads. For mattresses up to 35 cm. high.

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    The bottom sheets, with a perfect fit, with elastic cord in the four corners, these sheets have 35 cm. high, to adapt to the best mattresses.
    Technical specifications of the fabric: Percal 400 threads, de a single layer of construction. Density: 120g/

    • Do not wash at a temperature above 60º
    • For easy ironing, spread well when drying, when using dryer, extend well until the time of ironing.
    • Do not use bleach
    • We recommend washing with detergents with active oxygen to maintain its whiteness.

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    Cotton Vitae