Funda Edredón SATÉN 400 Hilos
    Cotton Vitae

    SATIN DUVET Cover 400 Threads

    VAT included

    Our new collection of Satin Superior Quality Hotel with 400 thread fabric. The satin fabric creates an easy-to-care finish with natural cotton gloss and excellent feel. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton satin of 400 threads per square inch.

    This will ensure freshness and comfort.

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    White duvet covers, Closure with embosoy lasos

    Wash at no more than 60ª, in the time of drying that is well extended, if you use a dryer, remove from the drying time with some moisture and spread well, for easy ironing.

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    Cotton Vitae

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    Egyptian cotton of 300 threads striped satin, Simple and elegant, this striped design (1 cm. wide) harmonizes with the decoration of the modern bedroom. Pure Egyptian cotton of 300 threads per square inch. Duvet covers have an envelope-like opening with hand-sewn loops.

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