Funda almohada 300 Hilos rayada satén
    Cotton Vitae

    Pillowcase 300 Threads Striped Satin

    VAT included

    Egyptian cotton of 300 threads striped satin, Simple and elegant, this striped design (1 cm. wide) harmonizes with the decoration of the modern bedroom. Pure Egyptian cotton of 300 threads per square inch. Oxford pillowcases +5 cm have a border marked with an embroidered cord around the perimeter.

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    Wash at 40 degrees Celsius, If you use dryer take out with some moisture or after washing machine spinning, then spread well, then iron. Do not mix in washing with other fiber fabrics such as acrylic or polyester/cotton.

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    Cotton Vitae

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    Funda Almohada, Algodón Egipcio 200 Hilos - Percal Pillowcase, Egyptian Cotton 200 Threads - Percale Funda Almohada SATÉN 400 Hilos SATÉN Pillow Cover 400 Threads 400 Thread count cotton percale Pillowcase Pillowcase 400 Threads PERCAL Funda almohada algodón 600 hilos satén Cotton pillowcase 600 threads satin

    Pillowcases with 100% Egyptian Cotton of 200 threads.  With a single side opening, with an inner flap that prevents the pillow from coming out, a perfect combination of elegance and comfort.

    We have the standard measurements that our customers use, in the stockings, when it indicates "+5 cm" is the border Oxford or border, which goes around the perimeter of the pillowcase, separated by a stitching of cotton thread.

    Pillowcases made of Egyptian cotton fabric 400 threads satin, with opening on one side, with inner embozo. The measurements included " + 5" indicate that it is the width of the edge that is defined by a cord around the perimeter of the cover, known as the Oxford edge.

    Incredibly silky. Irreproachable value for money!

    Made from the best Egyptian cotton perch of 400 threads per square inch - double the density of standard percale bedding. Simply with a unique touch, this product is the perfect choice for a classy bed!

    The pillowcases +5cm have a border marked with an embroidered cord around its perimeter.

    Cotton pillow cover 600 threads satin, made with a fabric of 600 threads per square inch, pure cotton. finish with soft ivory cord festoon.

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