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    Viscobambú pillow

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    Viscoelastic pillow with soft perforated core of high density with special formulation and extra height that provides adequate support and great breathability. The viscoelastic core with shape memory, reacts to weight and body temperature relieving pressure at the points of contact, adapting perfectly to the shape of the head and neck.

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    This pillow incorporates a double cover made of 100% high quality bamboo, breathable and very absorbent that, in addition, has a beautiful listed design. Add that bamboo is the most regenerated plant on the planet and, therefore, is an ecological and sustainable resource.

    Thanks to its zipper closure, it is easy to remove for proper washing and maintenance.

    This pillow of medium-high firmness is ideal for: people of medium or large constitution who sleep on their sides.

    Composition Highlights
    • Fabric cover: 100% bamboo
    • Fabric inside: 100% cotton
    • Filling: 100% polyurethane of high viscoelastic density
    • Double case listed with bamboo fabric
    • Viscoelastic core of perforated structure
    • Extra height, which provides better support
    • Zipper closure
    Filled washing conditions: Cover wash conditions:
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