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    VISCOSUAVE viscoelastic pillow with double cover of anti-stress fabric, zipper closure, is made with a core of special formulation that provides low firmness preserving the rest of viscoelastic properties adapting perfectly to the shape of head and neck.

    Its double anti-stress sheath incorporates carbon filaments that absorb and eliminate the static electricity accumulated in our body. This double zippered cover provides comprehensive protection of the pillow, facilitating its placement and maintenance.

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    This pillow of medium constitution is ideal for: people of medium and small constitution who sleep on their side or of large constitution that sleep on their backs.

    Composition Highlights
    • Fabric cover: 99% polyester microfiber - 1% carbon
    • Fabric inside: 100% cotton
    • Filling: 100% polyurethane of high viscoelastic density
    • Double cover of microfiber fabric silk touch
    • Viscoelastic core of special formulation Core, Anti-stress, releases static electricity.
    • Zipper closure
    Filled washing conditions: Cover wash conditions:
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