Microfiber Filling

Cotton Vitae

Pillow TEIDE Neotherm® Plus


The Teide pillow is made with Neotherm® Plus fiber filling, an exclusive silicone and conjugated hollow fiber, extra-thin and very soft to the touch. It is a very fluffy fiber that enjoys a great capacity for recovery.

In addition, the double cover of this pillow is made of combed cotton fabric of 200 threads with a beautiful listed design; the inner cover incorporates a scientifically tested anti-mite treatment resistant to washing.

Firmness: Medium high

    Cotton Vitae

    Acarsan anti-mite fiber pillow®


    The Velfont Anti-Mite Pillow is a double-sheath pillow made of 100% cotton outer and inner fabric and filled with high quality fiber with Acarsan Natural® anti-mite treatment with plant extracts, scientifically tested and that maintains its properties after washing.

    Its filling is made of conjugated hollow fiber, which provides volume, lightness, softness, silk touch, elasticity and great resilience, in addition to being very resistant to use and washing. This pillow has been specially developed for people allergic to mites and for those looking for a healthy rest.

    Firmness: Medium

      Cotton Vitae

      Bamboo Pillow


      Pillow with striped fabric and bamboo filling of great absorption, softness and natural freshness. Exclusive firmness thanks to the combination of high quality fibers: bamboo and Neotherm® conjugated silicone hollow fiber.

      This pillow of medium-high firmness is ideal for: people of medium constitution who sleep on their side or people of large constitution who sleep on their backs.

      Almohada Bambu

        Cotton Vitae

        VIRUSAN pillow with double cover


        The Virusan Pillow is made of microfiber fabric with Neotherm® recycled fiber filling

        The Virusan® Range inhibits the growth in tissues of bacteria and reduces the activity of enveloped viruses (coronavirus)

        Ideal pillow for: people looking for an antibacterial and viral reducing double sheath pillow.

          Cotton Vitae

          Velfont CADI pillow


          Velfont Kadi pillow,

          Neotherm® fiber pillow and double microfiber cover with soft touch and zipper.

          The Cadí pillow from Velfont is a double-sheath pillow with zipper, made of microfiber fabric with an extra-soft silk touch.

          Its neotherm® silicone and conjugated hollow fiber filling provides volume, softness, lightness and great resilience. It is hygienic and breathable, and very resistant to use and washing.