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Cotton Vitae

Topper 30% Down, 70% Pen


Topper 30% Down, 70% Feather, Ideal complement to your mattress, feather filling adapts perfectly to the body and offers excellent comfort at night.

FILLING: 30% Down 70% Feather
FABRIC: 100% Downproof Cotton
CLOTHING: Kassetten
PERIMETER FINISH: Exterior partition 5cm
FEATURES: Breathable and maximum comfort

    Cotton Vitae

    Alaska Feather Pillow 90% Down 10% Feather


    New pillow with an elegant and modern finish. Natural anti-mite, hypoallergenic treatment and traceability control.

    FILLING: 90% Down 10% Feather
    DENSITY: Stocking
    FABRIC: 100% Downproof Satin Cotton
    TACT: Extra Down
    PERIMETER FINISH: Outer partition and living trim

      Cotton Vitae

      Cotton Natura pillow


      NATURSAN pillow made entirely of 100% cotton.

      It is made with a double cover of 100% cotton fabric with zipper.

      The Cotton Natura pillow comes in a nice multi-purpose bag. Made with beige canvas cotton, with brown handles and zipper to close it.

      Pillow ideal for: people of medium constitution who sleep on their side, or people of large constitution who sleep on their backs, and who are looking for natural products.

        Cotton Vitae

        Virusan pillow protector


        Virusan® pillow protector with 100% cotton knitted fabric

        The Virusan® Range inhibits the growth in tissues of bacteria and reduces the activity of enveloped viruses (coronaviruses).

        Since it incorporates the BIO-OME AV® technology, the most rigorous and advanced technology on the market of proven effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.

        Visuran® pillow protector is made of 100% cotton knitted fabric.

        It incorporates zipper for complete protection of the pillow.

          Cotton Vitae

          Quilt ASPEN 95% Down


          The Aspen Velfont duvet is made of 100% down-proof cotton fabric, which prevents the loss of its very fine filling inside. This filling is made of high quality virgin down, not crushed. It has been subjected to rigorous sanitary controls, is sanitized, disinfected and sterilized.

          It is available in a single weight of 270 g/m².

            Cotton Vitae

            Duvet DENVER - Extrasoft


            The DENVER Eco duvet from Velfont is made of smooth microfiber fabric with an extra-soft touch.

            The filling of this duvet is made of neotherm® Eco conjugated silicone hollow recycled fiber that enjoys the same thermal, touch and recovery properties as virgin fiber, but reduces the volume of waste we generate on the planet, saving virgin raw material. Made with horizontal ribbing and outer trim around the perimeter.

              Cotton Vitae

              Pillow TEIDE Neotherm® Plus


              The Teide pillow is made with Neotherm® Plus fiber filling, an exclusive silicone and conjugated hollow fiber, extra-thin and very soft to the touch. It is a very fluffy fiber that enjoys a great capacity for recovery.

              In addition, the double cover of this pillow is made of combed cotton fabric of 200 threads with a beautiful listed design; the inner cover incorporates a scientifically tested anti-mite treatment resistant to washing.

              Firmness: Medium high

                Cotton Vitae

                Viscobambú pillow


                Viscoelastic pillow with soft perforated core of high density with special formulation and extra height that provides adequate support and great breathability. The viscoelastic core with shape memory, reacts to weight and body temperature relieving pressure at the points of contact, adapting perfectly to the shape of the head and neck.

                  Cotton Vitae

                  Bamboo mattress protector

                  €36.96 €33.26

                  The Velfont 3-layer Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector is made of bamboo fabric of maximum absorption, softness and freshness on both sides. Its Neotherm® membrane is hidden between the two layers of fabric and makes it a waterproof and breathable product, providing complete protection against liquids and mites, as the membrane acts as a physical barrier preventing them from penetrating to the mattress.

                  Bamboo is the most regenerated plant on the planet and, therefore, is an ecological and sustainable resource. In addition, it provides a high level of moisture absorption (up to 6 times more than cotton).

                  • -10%
                  Cotton Vitae

                  Mattress topper MAX COTTON NATURSAN

                  €49.16 €44.24

                  The Max Cotton mattress topper is a 100% natural product because it is made entirely with 100% cotton. This mattress topper is reversible, that is, it can be used indistinctly on both sides and incorporates a platform also with 100% cotton fabric.

                  This mattress topper fits mattress lengths up to 200 cm and can assume mattress heights of up to 35 cm.

                  • -10%