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Sábana bajera Respira Impermeable

Waterproof Respira Bajera Sheet

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The waterproof and hyper-breathable Respira bottom sheet from Velfont is made of 100% organic cotton fabric combed and GOTS certified yarn, extra-soft and very pleasant to the touch.

Its waterproof and hyper-breathable Neotherm® membrane protects the mattress against liquids while allowing the skin to perspire providing a sweat-free rest.

For bed size of 200 x 200, white only

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The Neotherm® membrane, exclusive to Velfont products, makes it more breathable than any other waterproof sheet on the market. That is, sleeping on it, the steam that our body releases evaporates more easily getting a comfortable rest and without sweat.

This bottom sheet that adjusts thanks to the rubber located around the perimeter of the platform for a perfect hold during the night avoiding unwanted displacements, can assume mattresses up to 200 cm long and 30 cm high.

The Respira bottom sheet is easy to place and can be machine washed.

Bottom sheet ideal for: people who are looking for organic products and want to combine waterproofing with a sweat-free rest.

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The Rizo Elastic Velfont mattress cover is made of 100% cotton curl of the best quality, very absorbent and elastic. This cover guarantees the total hygiene of the mattress, since it protects it completely.

It can be easily placed thanks to the elasticity of its fabric and its "U" shaped zipper, which hermetically wraps around the mattress.

The Virusan® Range inhibits the growth in tissues of bacteria and reduces the activity of enveloped viruses (coronaviruses).

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